Conventional T-Card boards are used extensively world wide to track, whether that be parcels, machinery or patients. The USCG could see the benefits of TeeCards software and requested modifications to enable Event or Incident management.

These modifications resulted in the ActiviTee version, and simply by setting an option TeeCards converts from the Plus module to the ActiviTee module.

Activities i.e. Events of Incidents could be created in real time or or routine events planned in advance enabling better resource utilisation.
Resources are allocated from a resource picker if they are still active, or they can be created on the fly.

Copious notes can be captured regarding the activity and a colour assigned to give some indication of status. In addition a button is provided to return all resources. This information then positions itself at the top of each column.

The ActiviTee system was created in response to the requirements expressed by members the US Coast Guard who liked its simplicity and ease of use.

This picture shows incidents at amber and yellow status. The yellow status resources have all been returned successfully, hence they are all the same colour.

The ActiviTee system has been recommended by its champions.

ActiviTee is priced commensurate with the other specialist variants.

And remember if its not doing what you want it to do then just ask.