Conventional T-Card boards can be used for many and differing purposes. An unusual request was received to use each card as a prompt, the prompt phrase or instruction appearing on a second monitor.

These modifications resulted in the ClariTee version, and simply by setting an option TeeCards converts from the Plus module to the ClariTee module.

The ClariiTee system was created in response to the requirements expressed by the end User who liked its simplicity and ease of use.
The picture below show the prompts marshalled for launching, and with a launched  prompt (shown here in the same window for purposes of illustration).
The ClariTee system has been recommended by its champions.
ClariTee is priced commensurate with the other specialist variants.
And remember if its not doing what you want it to do then just ask

Call us on 08458 38 22 38 for an online demo

Prompt usually appears on a second monitor, but shown here for illustration purposes.

There are a number of requested features.
Only the prompt appears centralised  on the second monitor.
The prompt does not appear until the prompter indicates that the prompt should appear.
Additional typed characters appear in the prompt window.
Ancillary prompts can be launched into the prompt window.
Anything appearing in the prompt window is held in an audit trail.
Pre translated prompts can quickly be loaded onto the prompt cards.
Whilst it is expected that prompt cards will be created in advance, cards can be created on the fly, and launched as and when appropriate.
Card can be colour coded e.g. to indicate 'importance' or 'category'.
cards can be marshalled in order to react to the dialogue.
Cards can be flagged as asked or answered.
The number of cards that could be held on view on the board at any one time is 5000 (although this is not expected)
Different user permissions can be assigned to operatives.