Conventional T-Card boards are used extensively world wide to track, whether that be parcels, machinery or patients. A hospital in Seattle could see the benefits of TeeCards and requested modifications to enable Patient Tracking, and bed management in a mass casualty incident (mci) situation.
These modifications resulted in the PrioriTee version, and simply by setting an option TeeCards converts from the Plus module to the PrioriTee module.

An example of an MCI Patient Tracking board.

This means that only certain colours managed by you are available to choose from. In the case of the Hospital these were the universally recognised colours in mci situations.
Furthermore information normally captured but not seen is displayed on the front of the card on the base of the Tee, so you can see where the patient has been and when, chronologically.
You still have the provision to make copious notes.
In addition you have the option to switch on a numbered scale on the left hand edge, which could represent a bed, or some other location.


  PrioriTee is priced commensurate with the Plus product.

And remember if its not doing what you want it to do then just ask.