If you are in Aftermarket sales then this page may be of interest to you.
T-Card systems are used widely by the motor trade in general, we have had a number of enquiries from companies involved in Aftermarket sales; the supply and fitting of parts/components to vehicles.
As a consequence we have software which is tailored for your requirements. If you wish to you can still choose and use the other TeeCard systems we have on offer, but this does more.
This board is using the week view, so the work for the week can be seen at a glance but you could use day view, or even timebanded and allocate work to specific slots.
A TeeCard showing the reverse of the card
The item being fitted, it's cost and whether it is supply only is captured on the reverse of the card. Up to 6 items can be captured.  
An A4 landscape form is produced which can act as a job instruction sheet to the fitter. The form which is produced
The system does carry a small premium, a 5 user system will cost 995, prices are commensurate with the TeeCards Plus system.


After a successful download email us for the codes to make this work, alternatively call us on 08458 38 22 38  or 01562 884297.